Meet Christian Vestlund, Senior System Engineer

Christian’s education: Master of Science in Engineering, Computer Technology

Why did you apply for a position at Sectra?

Christian Vestlund,I was interested in information security and wanted to continue within that area. I had a summer job at Sectra Communications a few years before I started and knew a bit about what it is like to work here. I wanted to get a job with interesting challenges where I could learn a lot, and Sectra has definitely delivered in that area.

How long have you been working at Sectra?

I have been working at Sectra Communications since 2012 when I started as a Software Engineer. Since then I’ve transitioned more into system development, where I work with several aspects of developing secure systems.

I’m a security geek and working with secure communication is really interesting to me. I also like to make things work. I enjoy the feeling of seeing a system come to life because of the code I’ve written.

Christian Vestlund, Senior System Engineer

What do you do during a normal day at work?

A normal day varies quite a bit. One day I might program most of the day. Another day there might be meetings and discussions about one or more projects or products. A third day might be spent investigating how to best design a system given requirements from customers or product management. Usually I work together with a team of colleagues, which I think makes it a lot more fun and helps to widen my perspective.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about developing secure systems and how to prove that they are secure. Problems can range from balancing security and usability to detailed programming or cryptographic issues. Because there is such a wide range of things involved in developing secure systems, there is always something to improve and learn more about.

How would you describe Sectra as a workplace?

Sectra is a place where there are a lot of driven and competent people who like to have fun. There are lots of opportunities to learn new things and choose which skills you want to develop. The work atmosphere is what I think stands out the most. Everyone at Sectra is always helpful and always doing his or her best.

Why would you recommend applying for a job at Sectra?

I think Sectra has a lot of interesting and challenging work, as well as great colleagues and culture.

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