Meet our people

Sectra develops crypto products and monitors IT for critical infrastructure for a safer world. We also make the worldwide healthcare more efficient by developing life-saving medical technology. At Sectra, you get to work with the coolest products on the market and grow together with the best people in the industry. Those of us who work at Sectra share a burning enthusiasm for working with products that really make a difference in the world.

Anders Hentzell, Product Owner

“My day can include everything from meetings to discuss financial matters, to meetings with potential customers and hands-on installation of new customer sites. I have even done some very basic programming, which is something that I never thought I would do.”

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Christian Vestlund, Software Engineer

“I’m a security geek and working with secure communication is really interesting to me. I also like to make things work. I enjoy the feeling of seeing a system come to life because of the code I’ve written.”

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Johan Carlegrim, Product Manager

“Being a Product Manager is very much about having an overview and knowing a little about a lot. Fortunately, there are lots of people at Sectra with in-depth expertise and since we have such close cooperation and relationships with our customers, information is never far away.”

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Simon Häger, Product Manager

Robert Kihlberg, Group Manager Product Development

I love to go to work every day because there is a special kind of relationship between the people. We have a very open minded culture and you can talk with everyone, regardless of their position.

Burkhard Gerlach, Germany

Johan Uppman, Software Engineer

“My journey at Sectra started with a summer job at Sectra Communications. After that I was hooked. There were two reasons for this; the main reason was the people at Sectra and the second was the challenge of intricate technical problems.”

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Anders Hedblom, Software Engineer

“Gaining a perspective on what doctors do and learning about the challenges they face in their everyday working lives made me realize that I was doing something important and useful to other people, like saving lives. That is a great feeling.”

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Petter Gustafsson, System Engineer

“I help our customers with the technical problems that arise when the systems are operating. I mainly work with databases, servers and the technical components of systems that our customers use. Very few days are alike and I have the privilege of working with many different technicians as well as lots of different people.”

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One of the great things about Sectra is that it is an ethnically diverse organization. I get the privilege to work with some fantastic people from all around the world. If I wasn’t working with Sectra, I would not get that fantastic opportunity to meet such wonderful people.

Salinder Phillips, UK