We hire for attitude & ability, train for skill

At Sectra, we work with products that are beneficial for life and society. Do you want to join us and help make a difference?

Knowing that the products we deliver are actually helping people is incredibly encouraging.

Petter Gustafsson, Sweden

I’m passionate about making a difference! I feel that what I do matters—both in the company, and in our line of business.

Anders Hentzell, Sweden
Career paths
Career paths

We develop world class solutions that contribute to a healthier and safer society.

The product development teams, consisting mainly of developers and testers but also UX designers, product owners and product managers, enable Sectra to deliver products and services to customers by designing, programming, testing, maintaining, and evaluating software solutions. In short, we ensure that we can deliver products with the right features, which solve the right problems for our end-users so that we can make them awesome.

Our development teams are organized into agile, self-organizing groups who together are responsible for both the design and release of our software. For us, that means designing for safety, security, privacy, robustness, scalability and performance. We want our solutions to be perceived as easy-to-use, future-proof and effective. We pride ourselves in truly understanding our customers’ environments.

We deliver and support Sectra’s solutions to our customers worldwide to make our customers’ daily operations more efficient and secure.

Our service and support organization is distributed among our offices around the world to provide close collaboration with our local customers. Our personnel learn to have deep knowledge in our customers’ environments and daily life. It may be within cancer diagnostics, radiology medicine, orthopaedic surgery (where you will be asked to participate in real operations), education of medical students and/or veterinarians or staff from the highest level of cybersecurity authorities a country has. We make our employees true experts in the areas of our customers.

The research conducted at Sectra is a vital part of the company’s innovation efforts.

A team of scientists, most with PhD degrees, develop knowledge, methods and prototypes that pave the way for product development. This work is carried out in close collaboration with academic, healthcare and cybersecurity professionals all over the world. Our main scientific domains are artificial intelligence, image analysis, visualization, human-computer-interaction, informatics, post-quantum IT security and risk-based, change-oriented security. The department consists of industrial researchers working full-time at Sectra or part-time in academia.

Not only do we need to understand our customers’ needs, but we also have to be able to walk in their shoes and spend time with customers in their environment.

The marketing and sales teams support customers by truly understanding their needs to help them find the solutions that best meet their requirements. By working close to our customers we are able to help them in the best way. We develop relationships from informing of what can be done and suggesting ideas even before a purchase is decided. Then to answering and negotiating proposals, right through the process to deployment and sign-off, to deliver long-term mutual success. A delivery form Sectra is not a matter of just installing and leaving. It is a long partnership where the accepted delivery is only a first step.

We support Sectra employees worldwide with IT environment and quality systems for an efficient workday.

Operational Excellence and IT is the part of Sectra that serves the whole company with information technology, tools and processes. Our services are a key success factor to ensure that colleagues are productive and efficient so that we are able to help more customers.

We deliver financial trust and the best personnel service for the best people.

The finance and administration teams deliver financial information and personnel services to internal and external stakeholders worldwide. Our support and controls enable colleagues and financial partners to make informed financial decisions and ensures that guests and employees receive the best personnel service.

Having the right employees and a strong corporate culture creates customer value.

People operations, or HR, are organized in various ways in different countries across the Sectra world. Overall, these teams work to attract, retain and develop talent. Responsibilities include recruitment, internal training, initiatives to strengthen the company culture and employee engagement, and services related to labor law, benefits, salaries and global mobility.

We appreciate the new ideas, perspectives and energy that junior talent can bring to our organization.

Therefore, we welcome students to join us part-time, spend their summer or write their master thesis with us. While working at Sectra as a student, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology, learn about our culture and feel what it is like to be a member of our team. Our vision of a healthier and safer society is driven forward by our knowledge and passion and we welcome the future of engineering to join us on our mission today.