Master thesis at Sectra

Do you want to contribute to a healthier and safer society? Join our master thesis program and work with cutting edge technology that make a real difference in society.

Sectra successfully develops and sells cutting-edge solutions within medical IT and secure communications.  The company’s operations are conducted as separate business areas; Imaging IT Solutions and Secure Communications. Synergies and knowledge sharing between the operations are increasing, partly as a result of the growing need in the healthcare sectors to protect systems and patient data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Our master thesis program is an important part of our goal of being at the forefront of technology and we are always looking for driven and ambitions engineering students to join us on our mission for a safer and healthier society. We offer students fun and educational thesis works within areas such as Software Development, IT in the Healthcare industry, Machine learning, Image analysis, Visualization, Security and much more. We strive to always have thesis workers on board and we love the energy and new ideas they bring to Sectra.

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Master thesis at Sectra Medical IT

We help hospitals across the world to become more effective, and thus take care of more patients and save more lives. Cancer diseases, osteoarthritis and orthopaedic surgery represent some of the most costly and resource-intensive areas in the healthcare sector—areas where Sectra’s software-solutions facilitates diagnosis, planning and patient monitoring. Sectra also helps to raise the quality of medical education by providing solutions for interacting with medical images and sharing educational materials.

We offer thesis opportunities within a broad spectra of areas at Sectra Medical. We have a few suggestions as presented below, but we also welcome you to pitch your own ideas to us.

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Master thesis at Sectra Communications

At Sectra Communications we are on a mission for a more stable and secure society. Our products and services increase cybersecurity by protecting some of society’s most sensitive information and communications. Sectra helps critical social functions, government officials and diplomats to exchange information securely. We also help actors within energy and water distribution in attaining a balanced security over time, supporting them in the digital transformation. Sectra’s secure communication solutions are deployed to the EU, NATO and more than half of the EU member states for sharing classified information on national and international levels.

We welcome thesis workers with any kind of interest in cyber security and critical infrastructure. Down below we have presented some suggestions but we look forward to hearing your suggestions as well.

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“The best thing about doing my master thesis at Sectra is definitely the people. On a daily basis I was surrounded by people that were willing to help and were interested in my project. I had a great mentor that introduced me to the amazing Sectra culture and I got to cooperate with prominent researchers at Sectra’s research department.

On top of that I got to work with cutting-edge, deep learning techniques to find solutions where the organs present in radiological images can be automatically detected. This information can be used in applications to make the health-care more efficient. It really makes me motivated to work with products that save lives.”

Tova Linder, Software Engineer
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Automatic image quality assessment using machine learning

When acquiring medical images, it is very important that the quality of the images is high enough to allow the reading physician to set a proper diagnosis. If this is not the case, perhaps due to motion blur, the image cannot be used. In our current product offering we have a manual workflow where a user can reject an image if the quality is poor. Typically, this results in a new image acquisition and the previous image is hidden from the examination. We would like to investigate if this manual workflow can be replaced by an algorithm that can automatically detect low-quality images and suggest a re-acquisition.

Organ segmentation

Image data that is acquired as part of a radiology exam can be used to reconstruct a three-dimensional model of internal organs. In some healthcare workflows, the radiologist is required to perform more detailed analysis of a particular organ. The analysis may include volume measurement and, in some cases, creating a full 3D-segmentation of the organ in question. One such example is prostate cancer diagnostics where a 3D model of the patient’s prostate can be sent to a urologist which performs a model-guided biopsy to obtain tissue samples of the suspected cancer. The purpose of this master’s thesis is to investigate methods for organ segmentation. Anything from manual, to semi-automatic to fully automatic algorithms are of interest.

Automatic size calibration of photos using machine learning

When you have an X-ray done at the hospital. The X-Ray machine knows exactly where your imaged body part is located, and it knows the exact distance between the resulting pixels. For medical photos this is much more difficult since the camera magnification and distance to the patient may vary from image to image.

The current way to address this is to include an object of known size in an image, e.g. a ruler or colored piece of paper of a known size. Then you manually calibrate the image using this known object. It would be very valuable for the end users to be able to automatically detect e.g. a ruler in a photo and calibrate the image based on that bypassing the manual calibration step.

The following examples are to be seen as suggestions and inspiration for possible thesis work at Sectra Medical. We are always open and interested to hearing your own ideas and thought for possible projects that fit our scope.

Machine selected cyber threat Intelligence 

Cyber Threat intelligence comes in all forms and sizes. From jpeg images dumped on twitter to long and advanced blog posts. A detection engineer (DE) faces huge challenges in keeping up with the latest threats and news. The DE has to be selective and make hard choices when it comes to sources and relevance of information. That’s where you come in, imagine you write a deep learning model that understands every aspect of DE:s daily intelligence chores. The model can read the selected sources, filter, select and aid the DE in making the right decisions.

The following examples are to be seen as suggestions and inspiration for possible thesis work at Sectra Communications. We are always open and interested to hearing your own ideas and thought for possible projects that fit our scope.

Collaborating with Sectra for your thesis work doesn’t just mean creating value for society through innovative technology. It also means joining and become part of the Sectra family. For this you will:

  • Be assigned a mentor to support you when you first join us and throughout your project
  • Have the opportunity to create close and personal relationships with colleagues all over the world – we like to have fun together!
  • Get a unique inside perspective on our organization, our business and culture

Speaking of our culture. At Sectra we value humor and having fun together. What we do is serious business and we take that very seriously, but that also means we need to be able to laugh and let loose from time to time. Be prepared for social events on a regular basis, lots of fika and sports activities more or less on the daily if that’s your thing.

We hope that your thesis work will act as a stepping-stone for your future with Sectra. Many of our thesis worker stay with us in various roles and event move on to any of our international offices. That option is of course available for you as well.


If you think this is the right step for you we urge you to apply. Our application process goes something like this:

  • You send us your application and we will review it carefully. We request that you specify in your personal statement why you want to join Sectra, what motivates you and your thought on a topic for your master thesis.
  • If your profile and personal statement seem to match with our vision and business we will contact you in person to further understand who you are and what you want to do.
  • Once we have identified where within our organization your interests lie we will make sure you get in contact with the right manager and follow up with more in-depth interviews and possible tests.
  • If at the end both parties think that this is a match you will be offered a master thesis position with us and your journey at Sectra begins!

We urge you to apply as soon as possible as we assess candidates ongoing.