Sectra’s recruitment process

Sectra’s hiring process reflects our values and culture. Finding and attracting the right individuals is the most important thing we do. So yes, our process is quite thorough—we take recruitment very seriously. At Sectra, we hire for attitude and ability, and train for skill. We look for people who share our values and our passion for medical IT and cybersecurity. People who are smart, driven and able to learn new things fast. We look for people who we and our customers will enjoy working with. That doesn’t mean we want you to be exactly like us. We strongly believe that different personalities, backgrounds, experiences and talents are important to keep us on the road to success.

Our hiring process
Our hiring process

Our customers perceive Sectra’s staff as having a unique combination of “knowledge and passion”. To live up to those expectations, we all need to have a high engagement level. Doing something that you love and are good at is an excellent starting point. Consider what your interests are, where your strengths lie and what you enjoy doing. In our job application form, there are open ended questions where you can help us understand these aspects about you.

We recommend that you read about the different roles at Sectra before applying to make finding the perfect match easier for you.

Regardless of role, we look for smart people who are fast learners and have an ability to get things done. In this early stage of the recruitment process, we initiate an evaluation of these as well as role-related abilities.

During this part of the process, we might call you for a quick chat to ensure that your expectations of what the job entails in terms of interests, responsibilities, travel requirements, job location, salary, benefits, etc. are a good match with ours. We are also interested to learn more about your ambitions, driving forces and thoughts about the future.

A fair and objective recruitment process is key for us at Sectra. We also strongly believe objectively assessing the potential of being successful, not just in the role you applied for but for the long run. This is why we have chosen to include testing as part of the recruitment process. We look at general logical ability and personality. The tests give a comprehensive assessment of important attitudes and abilities required at work, well backed-up by available research, and are less prone to biased and stereotypical judgement compared to other recruitment methods. The same tests are used for all roles, but requirements may differ.

The process might differ a little bit between roles, but you will typically have one to three interviews. Usually, you first meet the hiring manager. This interview focuses on getting to know you and understanding your strengths and abilities. If we already have a particular role in mind, we will focus on assessing how well your personal profile matches the critical abilities for that role. We also meet candidates without a clear role in mind and use this opportunity to match you to one or several of our roles based on your profile. If all goes well, we’ll invite you for a second interview and to meet members of the team. The second interview will be more role-specific. In this part of the process, it is also very common to perform role-related tests, for example a coding test for software developer roles.

Just as we want to get to know you, you should want to get to know us. Therefore, all interviews are important opportunities for you to assess us on a company, department and role level. Take this opportunity to ensure we are a good match and ask the questions you want answers to.
For some roles, especially within Sectra Communications, additional security clearance screening and interviews may be needed. If that’s they case, you will be informed in the beginning of the process.

Sectra is a culture-driven company. Our success is tied to our employees’ ability to live up to our customers’ high expectations. They expect us to have “The knowledge to meet expectations. The passion to exceed them.” We don’t guide this behavior with rules or processes for every single situation. We guide it with our culture. Ensuring that each employee is a great cultural fit is critical. In fact, our CEO Torbjörn Kronander interviews all candidates in their final step of the hiring process. This interview doesn’t mainly focus on what’s needed for a specific role, but on the long-term fit with Sectra as an organization .

In this step, the preliminary offer is turned into a contract. A start date is agreed, and a buddy is assigned who will help you during your onboarding. On our end, we are now starting preparing for your first day at Sectra. Regardless of role, you will attend a rookie training in Linköping, Sweden. This is an opportunity for you to network with colleagues from around the Sectra world as well as management at different levels. Our ambition is for you to leave this training with a clear understanding of who Sectra creates value for, what that value is, how it is created and how you fit into the picture. Another important goal is that you should understand the unique Sectra culture and how that impacts how we treat each other and our customers, how we prioritize and how we take decisions.

The other parts of your onboarding will depend on your role as well as previous experience.