Student opportunities

We welcome high-shool graduates and university students to challenge themselves in an inspiring environment.

Joining Sectra as a student means investing in yourself and taking a step towards designing your future. We appreciate the new ideas, perspectives and energy that young talent can bring to our organization. Therefore, we welcome students to join us part-time, spend their summer or write their master thesis with us. While working at Sectra as a student, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology, learn about our culture and feel what it is like to be a member of our team. Our vision of a healthier and safer society is driven forward by our knowledge and passion and we want to share and spread that with you – the young talent of tomorrow!

Master thesis

Our master thesis program is an important part of our goal of being at the forefront of technology. At Sectra’s HQ in Linköping, Sweden, we offer fun and educational placements for students seeking thesis projects in such areas as software development, medical IT, machine learning, image analysis, visualization, security—and much more. We always strive to have thesis students on board because we love the energy and new ideas they bring. If you have a great idea of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re always open to great ideas!

Learn more about our master thesis program.

Medical IT Trainee Program

In the UK and Ireland, Benelux, Germany and France, we offer recent graduates an opportunity to join a medical IT trainee program designed to accelerate your future at Sectra. Through our three different tracks (technical, commercial or clinical) we offer you a path completely in line with your interests and passions. During the 12 month program you will take part in a series of training-modules to develop you skills in several different areas including personal development, technical skills, essential skills, and business understanding. The program includes a combination of on-the-job-training, coaching and mentorship, learning-courses and live projects to really make sure that you make the most out of this experience.

Summer internship

Although our internship programs differ from country to country, one thing remains the same: we offer students an opportunity to learn more about how we operate and how we develop and deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We aim to make this a valuable and fun experience where students can work with each other as well as with Sectra employees. While working at Sectra, you will have the opportunity to learn about our culture and what it’s like to be a member of our team.

Learn more about our summer internship program.

Tekniksprånget internship

We offer paid internships in Linköping through the Tekniksprånget program. Tekniksprånget offers young talents a unique opportunity to gain four months’ on-the-job experience as an engineer, to inspire and motivate them to consider a career path in engineering.

Tekniksprånget is an initiative sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and aimed at students aged 18–20 who have completed an upper secondary science/technology program and are eligible to apply for a higher education engineering program.

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Meet our people

Vera Antonov, Summer intern at Sectra Communications

“I really enjoyed my time at Sectra and the technology spurred a great deal of interest for me. Also I got to work with “real” problems which gave me the feeling that Sectra’s summer internship was very serious.”

More about Vera

Rober Kloosterman, Support engineer

“My journey started in October 2020 when I began working a couple days a week as a support assistant during my studies. Combining the theory from my studies with practical, real-world experience was a great way to learn, and I really valued that opportunity.”

More about Rob