Product development

The product development teams, consisting mainly of developers and testers but also UX designers, product owners and product managers, enable Sectra to deliver products and services to customers by designing, programming, testing, maintaining, and evaluating software solutions. In short, we ensure that we can deliver products with the right features, which solve the right problems for our end-users so that we can make them awesome.

Our development teams are organized into agile, self-organizing groups who together are responsible for both the design and release of our software. For us, that means designing for safety, security, privacy, robustness, scalability and performance. We want our solutions to be perceived as easy-to-use, future-proof and effective. We pride ourselves in truly understanding our customers’ environments.

The development teams prioritize their work from a backlog of ideas from both our customers and other stakeholders at Sectra, such as support and sales, as well as our own ideas. However, we also put time aside for working on individual ideas. For example, every six weeks, a two-day “RAD Friday” is arranged. This gives each engineer an opportunity to work on their own ideas. The results of this work are often incorporated into our products.

Important abilities in this role

To thrive in this role, you need to be analytical and have a talent for problem solving, creative thinking and logical thinking. You like teamwork and have an ability to communicate and collaborate. We will train and coach you to learn the specific skills needed both initially and over time. However, to be successful you need to have a strong academic background with at least three years of university education in engineering science or IT. A strong interest in and basic knowledge of programming is also required. You are probably familiar with languages such as C, C++, JavaScript and Python.

Examples of technology areas
Examples of technology areas

Medical images are central in the care of patients and play an important role in illness diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Our solutions for image handling and clinical workflow efficiency can be found in some of the most advanced clinical departments, including mammography, pathology, cardiology, and orthopaedics.

In short, we create IT systems for efficient diagnostics, archiving, presentation, and communication of all types of medical images and related patient information.


With the growing trend of cloud deliveries, we work hard to optimize the way our products are developed, deployed, and operated in a cloud environment.

As a software developer, you will be expected to drive the development of the cloud platform components as well as being part of transforming our products and mind-set to a cloud setting, where operational efficiency and cost efficiency are equally important.

We help our customers adopt artificial intelligence (AI) at scale in clinical practice. The potential for AI to improve performance and productivity in diagnostic imaging is tremendous. As it moves beyond the hype, AI is being increasingly adopted in clinical practice. AI in medical imaging is here to stay.

Whether applied to radiology, pathology, cardiology, or any other diagnostic profession, AI should improve accuracy and efficiency for end-users. When targeting everyday clinical use cases, integration into existing workflows is key—as is fast and secure access to best-of-breed AI technology.

Our development teams build the Amplifier Service, which provides a cloud-based platform that hosts and manages the launch of third-party AI applications. The Amplifier Service team continuously challenges the status quo and drives acceptance for new deployment and service concepts (like DevOps) in a highly regulated industry. We also continuously explore how we can use deep learning and other AI technologies to improve our core portfolio and make it smarter.

With digitalization, increased mobility, advanced supercomputers, and cyber threats on the rise, our mission is to develop products that contribute to maintaining a high level of information security in society. That’s how we contribute to reducing vulnerability in critical social functions and infrastructure, thus strengthening society’s stability and safety. To meet our customers’ strict security requirements, we build our own high-performing hardware which, in combination with our software, is among the most advanced security solutions built in Sweden.

Our customers are undergoing a transformation. The organizations of the future clearly need to be mobile, even when working with sensitive information. To maintain our position as the global leader in this segment, we are also undergoing a journey within our own organization. We are shifting from a focus on secure mobile phones to ensuring secure mobile workplaces and protection of data over fast networks.

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Frida Börnfors, Software Engineer

“My first interaction with Sectra was at a career fair at my university. I was very impressed by the kindness and commitment the representatives had. I felt like Sectra would provide me the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues, improve my skills as a developer and be a great place to begin my career.”

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Carl Folkesson, Software Developer

“In every part of my work there is a problem that needs to be analyzed and resolved, and the feeling when you finally resolve that problem is one of the best feelings in the world.”

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Johan Uppman, Software Engineer

“My journey at Sectra started with a summer job at Sectra Communications. After that I was hooked. There were two reasons for this; the main reason was the people at Sectra and the second was the challenge of intricate technical problems.”

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