Career paths

There are many ways to make a career at Sectra and we strongly promote personal development, job rotation and global mobility.

Among its customers, Sectra is known for its knowledge and customer-centric attitude. A strong inner drive, analytical abilities and a service-minded attitude are important assets at Sectra, and in many roles, a strong technical platform is considered a great advantage in meeting and exceeding those expectations. We currently have a major need for both junior and senior engineers focused on product development, customer deployment and customer support. If you’re not an engineer, Sectra has several other functions that are looking for driven and talented people. Our main job categories are described in brief below.

Product development

Our agile teams of extremely talented developers, testers, UX designers and product management develop products that contribute to a better society.

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Customer deployment

Delivering upgrades, new products or services to our customers requires a team of project managers, engineers and application specialists working at the very center of our customers’ operations.

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Customer support

Since our systems are mission critical for our customers, the speed and quality of our support makes a real difference. Our engineering teams consist of analytical problem solvers and include both junior and senior roles with strong IT profiles.

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The research department conducts and participates in projects designed to provide scientific support for existing technology as well as to create new products—all in an effort to boost the company’s long-term business value. The department consists of industrial researchers working full-time at Sectra or part-time in academia.



The finance team delivers financial information to internal and external decision-makers, safeguards corporate assets, and ensures that Sectra complies with financial rules and regulations. Our team consists of both business controllers and accountants.


Marketing & sales

The marketing and sales teams support customers by truly understanding their needs in order to assist them in finding the solutions that best meet their requirements. Together, these teams support the entire customer purchasing process from brand building, lead generation and responding to tenders and requirements documentation to delivering appropriate proposals and product demonstrations.


Internal IT and security

The internal IT team provides the entire company with the IS/IT infrastructure for all Sectra offices worldwide, from networking and back-end services to different clients and shared communication tools. The team also runs and participates in various projects, adaptations and integrations required to roll out digitalization projects company-wide, with a focus on high usability and information security.

Operational excellence

Our quality team ensures that Sectra has the processes and procedures in place to ensure high quality, efficiency and traceability in our work. An important part of its mission also involves ensuring that Sectra meets the regulatory demands in our markets.



People operations/HR

People operations, or HR, are organized in various ways in different countries across the Sectra world. Overall, these teams work to attract, retain and develop talent. Responsibilities include recruitment, internal training, initiatives to strengthen the company culture and employee engagement, and services related to labor law, benefits, salaries and global mobility.