Our culture

Sectra is knowledge and passion

Sectra’s employees are highly skilled individuals who are more than happy to share their experience. Individuals who are prepared to walk that extra mile to solve their customers’ problems—more than is normally expected from a supplier. Individuals with “The knowledge to meet expectations. The passion to exceed them.” This is why customers choose Sectra and why they remain loyal. This unique ‘Sectra spirit’ is built on the company’s corporate culture.

Sectra’s culture is based on


A strong drive to always meet or exceed customer expectations.

Improvement innovations

Continuous improvement and innovations in high-tech fields.

solutions that benefit

Offering solutions that benefit both individuals and society.

Taking initiative and assuming responsibility—acting and acting smart.

Collaboration with demanding customers and competent end-users to create solid solutions.

Tolerance and respect for each other as individuals and friends.

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